Opus Dei in Kenya and Uganda

Opus Dei started in Kenya in 1958, by the direct impulse of St. Josemaría Escrivá. It was the first country on the African Continent where faithful of Opus Dei were to go.

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Opus Dei in East Africa
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St. Josemaria in Dar es Salaam

For more than 10 years now, members of Opus Dei have been making regular trips to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to give means of formation to interested university students and professionals, young and old, men and women. On Saturday 10th June 2017, a public Mass in honour of St. Josemaria was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gerald Wabukenda at St. Peter's Oyster Bay Church.

Where God Weeps With Hope

Where God Weeps With Hope

“Over the past months, my work has taken me to the Amazon in Brazil and Lake Turkana in Kenya, seeking to portray the human condition with my camera, irrespective of race, religion or belief. I am particularly interested in each person,” says photojournalist Ismael Martinez.

Strathmore and Saint Josemaria

Strathmore School, the first multi-racial school in Kenya, started in 1961 under the encouragement of Saint Josemaria. Prof. David Sperling, founding principal, talks about the beginnings of the school and his personal recollections of Saint Josemaria.